Royal Garden

Royal Garden

Royal Garden

Royal Garden is all about refinement and high-end garden furniture that can be found at the heart of traditional British gardens. As guarantors of top quality and long-lasting furniture, they offer items with 5-year anti-corrosion guarantees.

Best Products

  • Elegance Bench

    Elegance Bench

    In the classic Elegance design, we offer a bench. These benches add a practical element to your garden and create a beautiful space where you can relax and enjoy alternative areas of your garden. Placed at the end of a garden path or on your patio all year long, you're sure to find a suitable home for a bench.

  • Elegance Bistro

    Elegance Bistro

    With an elegance bistro set, you will always have a place to enjoy coffee or alfresco dining. Place on a patio or a decking area, a Bistro set will always be there, ready for when the sun finally appears in spring, or on a beautiful summer morning.

  • Elegance chairs

    Elegance chairs

    For those who want to upgrade their current chairs or replace an older set, we sell our iconic elegance chairs in packs of 4. The Elegance chair is a signature of Royal Garden design and we have repeat customers returning for this chair dating back to 1992. When needed these chairs can be stacked to help save you space.

  • Elegance 6 seater

    Elegance 6 seater

    If you regularly host large groups of guests, the Elegance 6 seater set is the ideal complement to your patio. Stretching to 145cm this set comfortably sits 6 and gives you a space to share an alfresco meal, or drinks out in the sun.

Royal Garden range

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